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The ancient French surname DuBois derived from the Old French bois meaning “wood” and was a French topographical name given to a man who lived or worked in the woods, or who worked as a woodcutter. Similar in origin to the Wood Surname in England and America.


    John DuBois, one of the city’s founders was an early innovator in the lumber industryBorn in Owego, N.Y., in 1809, he started in the lumber business at age 15 borrowing money from his family to buy a thousand acres where they later named the town DuBois. 


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Meet Bill

Bill DuBois- owner of DuBois has over 34 years of experience in the construction industry. For most of those years Bill has been in business for himself. Bill has strategically built his business from the ground up with a builder like precision. DuBois has designed, built, remodeled, and developed over 140 homes- including the same number of commercial projects in the Nashville area.   DuBois can work with any design or budget and specializes in custom built homes, multi/single family homes, remodels, and all types of repairs. Most builders shy away from remodels and repairs but Bill feels it’s the relationship and friendship that drives him to being whatever his client needs.

Bill has an eye for design which is an asset to owners and investors because he is punctilious about the details, communication, and providing a streamlined experience.  Bill is thoughtful and thorough about who he hires and expects the same high level of attention to detail from all who work for him. DuBois consistently delivers a high quality service at a competitive price and does it in budget.  Homeowners and investors will enjoy working with Bill as he stays current with design trends and is fully engaged in the entire process. Investors gravitate towards Bill’s various services because of his quick response to niche needs and overall understanding of their bottom line. He has an entrepenurial and business mind that is engaged with the competitive numbers to achieve the owners and investors goals.

DuBois surrounds itself with like-minded partners including architects, engineers, and subcontractors- to deliver a finished product second to none. Whether its your first home or an investment opportunity Bill DuBois will bring all his experience and trusted vendors to participate in a smooth-cost effective project. Dubois takes pride in handling every last detail so you don’t have too- working to establish trust and exceed expectations.  

For 20 years of his 34 year career in construction Bill DuBois has owned his own company.  Bill has discovered how to consistently deliver quality and speed while maintaining competitive pricing. Bill has an eye for what looks good and knows how to pair unique design elements which bring added value to the project without costing an arm and a leg.  Bill has a natural builders mind – he used that to build his business from the ground. DuBois offers a niche service to owners and investors and knows how to tailor the right approach to achieve each owners/investors dream. He takes his role seriously and really enjoys the hands on involvement with all the design and building aspects.

Bill learned early on in life that to get the things he wanted and live the life he loves it would involve extra hard work. Bill practices keeping his life in balance so that all his best creative energies are on point at all times.  In his down time Bill enjoys… it’s taking the dogs for a ride in the jeep, jumping on his Harley, visiting a favorite eatery, or refining his mixology skills at home.  He brings his usual enthusiasm to it all. You can count on DuBois to make things happen. DuBois wants you to know that you have a friend in the construction industry. Bill has always said,  “friends like helping friends and friends don’t want to disappoint each other.” 

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