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DuBois offers a design-build delivery model which has numerous benefits to our clients.  It simplifies the construction process and gives the owner one point of contact and one point of overall responsibility.  DuBois will hire the architects, engineers, and designers directly to deliver a cost and time efficient project.  This translates into keeping the final numbers competitive and accurate. DuBois establishes a delivery method where critical milestones and long -lead times are identified on the front end to ensure that all aspects of the job are moving forward. 

Construction Manager

DuBois will provide a detailed estimate based upon the final construction drawings and specifications and will also create an accurate construction schedule.  If the project exceeds the target budget, DuBois will invariably find cost savings with substitutions of equal products.  DuBois has decades of experience which translates into knowing all the critical nuances to delivering a cost effective and aggressively run project.  DuBois will work diligently to deliver a quality project, completed on-time, and within the budget. 

DuBos is skilled at bringing added value to an owners team as a valued partner for tenaciously executing the owners vision and expectations.   Whether it’s managing the design team or the construction team, or overseeing both as a collaborative effort, DuBois will make sure that each contributor is properly executing the owners vision.  DuBois holds itself to the highest standards of excellence and also has a natural knack for bringing along others with the same mindset to achieve the owners expectations of quality, cost and schedule.


DuBois has always believed that it costs much less to develop the overall program and parameters of a project on paper versus after a shovel goes into the ground.  This requires doing a thorough front-end investigation of all code related requirements and uncovering issues which might result in significant cost overages due to work-arounds later in the project.  DuBois knows how to uncover all the right questions on the front end so that your project runs smoothly and it is an enjoyable experience.

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